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My friends and I picked up and started playing World of Warcraft yesterday. There have been good and bad things about the game.

The good:

  1. All characters are very well balanced (seemingly), and you can have fun in a group or solo with any of them.
  2. The environments and character models are amazingly well done.
  3. The designers obviously have a great sense of humor. There are countless examples of this, but the emotes are one of the best. For example, each race/gender combination has a different dance. Those I know of so far are:
    • Undead males dance like they are a heavy metal rocker (with the air guitars and everything).
    • The human women do the macarena.
    • The orc males do an M.C. Hammer dance (all they need is the parachute pants).
    • The troll males do “Kung Fu Fighting”.
    • The night elf males do Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean
    • The night elf females do some sort of stripper dance it looks like. All they need is a pole.

    There are more, and there is a video I have to post that shows most of them (to music).

  4. I have no feel of being in a treadmill like other MMORPGs so far. The quests really help with that.

The bad and the ugly:

  1. Some of the time you cannot even login to the game
  2. When you do log in, you are unable to see the character list about
    half (or more) of the time
  3. Once in, you often lag for a minute or more when trying to summon a
    creature, loot an item, or accept/complete a quest
  4. If you do not lag, often you get disconnected and sent back to the
    character select screen
  5. In the rare times that there is no lag, you don’t get disconnected,
    the servers aren’t down, and you can actually play… well sure the
    game is great.

I’ll post more soon.

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