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I’m no longer wise

Well I just got my last Wisdom Tooth out yesterday.  Guess that means I’m no longer wise.  Either way, I’m feeling like crap today because of it.  Sometimes I wish I just got all four out at once, but instead, they’ve come out one at a time (August 2003, January 2004, February 2006, and March 2006 – yesterday).

They were going to do both this one and the one they took out in February at the same time but this one was a bit more difficult.  Either way, I’m uncomfortable, but due to the wonders of modern medicine (and for the first time in my life a REALLY good dentist) I’m fine.

I’ve had some reallly bad dentists in my life, but I’m glad I actually have a good one now.  I go to the Gross & Flores office in Poughkeepsie.  There is another dentist there (not listed in the name of the office) who took care of both teeth.  Everyone calls him Dr. G because his last name is rather difficult to pronounce (Gatchalian or something like that).  Its a really good dentist who can not only manage to do the drilling and such without too much trouble, but can actually make you laugh while doing so.  Anyway, I really recommend them if anyone needs a new dentist.  Some of my coworkers recommended them and I’m glad they did.

I’m still supposed to take it easy food wise for a day or two but I am craving a steak or something like that so badly right now.  Oh well – I’ll go have another yogurt.

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