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Do I really hold to it? No. Do I say I will try? Sure – and I’ll try again.

Work has been rather more stressful than usual lately. It just seems that my workload keeps piling up with projects of indefinate length, all along with my normal work. I’m hopeful that I can get ahead of things again soon but when I mentioned to my boss last week “I’ll take care of doing X when things slow down in a month or two – he laughed”. Not reassuring. But then again – he has a lot more to worry about then is on my plate. Speaking of work – there are two major things that are getting to be a pain lately. Firstly is Spam/Scam/etc. e-mails – more about that in a later post.

Secondly, is Luminis. I can’t go into too much detail but the software, and the company who sold it to the campus makes me really annoyed. They sell it to people claiming it will do A, B, C, and D, but they don’t tell you A and B won’t be working for a year or more, you can’t do C without paying a consultant to come and train you since they don’t give you any documentation without paying for the consultant (not to mention even the consultant doesn’t know half the things) and D works but is such a horrible interface no one will want to use it.  I’m still waiting on our consultant to get me information from the developers which I was promised (which should just be in public documentation anyway).

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