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2008 elections…ugh

Many of you have already heard me ranting about the 2008 Presidential election already and the lack of a decent candidate (in my opinion). As time goes by I get more and more scared of Hillary Clinton actually winning the Democratic nomination. I truly think if that happens I will drop out of the democratic party and become a Green, or a Libertarian,  or something. The idea of someone with NO opinion on anything that a pollster or political analyst doesn’t tell her (and bad ones at that) becoming President scares the hell out of me.

Knowing that there are worse candidates out there (Joe Biden, D-MBNA for example) doesn’t help because there are few who are worse who have a chance. The idea that we may end up with Hillary vs. Rudy (or worse – Mitt “Varmint Huntin” Romney) makes me completely disappointed in the whole process. Its sad that we cannot get anyone better than the current crop of candidates on EITHER side.

The only candidate running so far that I would actually like as President is Bill Richardson, who I think would make a great President but probably doesn’t have much chance of winning where fundraising is the most important aspect of a candidate.

I’m still holding out for Al Gore. If he runs I think he can, and will win and I’d be ecstatic about that. But at this rate it looks like its going to end up as Bad Democract vs. Worse Republican and I won’t vote for either.

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  1. Bruce says:

    Ron Paul… errr…. *cough*

    Anyway… I like the new site layout.