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Brown Water in New Paltz

I am completely fed up with the water in this town.  We’re at the point where several times a week the water in New Paltz is brown, and not just at my apartment, but at many other locations in the village including the college.  Today the water is so brown you can barely see through it – the rust colored ‘water’ that is flowing from the faucet is worse than I’ve EVER seen it – the problem is getting worse, not better.

If you live in New Paltz and are experiencing the same,  call the village and complain: 255-0130 (open 9AM – 4PM Monday through Friday). I plan on doing so as soon as someone is actually ‘there’.  I would love to go to a village board meeting, but their website doesn’t list any upcoming meeting dates.

Its 2007 – fix your water problems – its not like residents of New Paltz aren’t paying enough for services.

2 Responses to “Brown Water in New Paltz”

  1. Bruce says:

    By the time I had gotten out of bed and out and around today the water “only” had a brown tint to it. But I’ve seen the “dark tea” water quite a few times over the past few years. The child in me finds it amusing when I go to flush a urinal or toilet and this horrible deep brown water cascades down the white sides.

    This has to be the worst municipal water system in the area. I don’t recall any of the areas where I grew up having this problem.

  2. Kate says:

    Water is always brown, its disgusting, I just called the police and the fire dpt. to complain again! 8/11/2013 … this is a constant for as long as I have lived here and its been my whole life