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Four hour classes…..

I’m at a break for my night class.  Its twice a week for four hours a night for the entire month of June (+ two days the last week of May).  I’m glad I’m doing it because I’m still three years + from getting my MBA so anything that I take helps but it drags on and on after the first two hours.  I have to stop looking at my watch.

Unfortunately its not a class I can exactly surf the web during either.  I enjoy the discussions in the class – but then again its still four hours.  I can’t imagine taking one of those classes that meets on Saturdays for six or seven hours at a time (for six weeks).  My wife did that once (and they also offer MBA classes like that) but it really really is NOT for me.

Oh well – after tonight four class sessions down – six more to go.  July and August should be relaxing at least.

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