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The worst thing about Karl Rove leaving is listening to the very extremely few people who actually support Mr. 25% talk about what a genius he was. I’m going to borrow a section from Hunter‘s post about Karl Rove (courtesy dailykos.com – emphasis mine).

Karl Rove was not a “great political mind”. His sole contribution to the nation was getting the worst president in history elected on a campaign of unabashed bullcrap, then proceeding to help guide that president into foreign and domestic policy failures at every opportunity. If that’s what passes for Republican brilliance, then it explains… well, pretty much everything, actually. Point taken.

Rove’s oft-touted “genius” is nothing more than single-minded amorality. In campaigns and in the administration, he was and is unapologetically amoral in service to his own cause or that of his client: his “genius” is that he has consistently been willing to go farther, be meaner, and invent more astonishing lies than would be done by anyone in politics with a thin remaining threads of a conscience. From smearing John McCain’s children with race-baiting taunts to attacking the careers and wives of critics to helping corrupt the most basic and foundational premises of the the United States Department of Justice, nothing has ever been considered “out of bounds”. If a malevolent action is not taken — such as ratcheting up the already venomous Republican rhetoric against immigrants — it is done only in service to calculated poll numbers, never as a nod to basic morality or patriotism or human decency.

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