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New class

Well I just signed up for my next class towards my MBA, “Global Business”.  I’ve heard there is a lot of reading for the class but also that it is very interesting so I’m looking forward to it.

I’m also (I never thought I’d say this) looking forward to the once a week three hour time slot as opposed to the twice a week, hour and a half, time slot for the class.  I used to hate three hour classes as an undergraduate due to waning attention span.  My attention span is (marginally at least) better than it used to be but its more the way the class is broken up.  When I had Quantitative Methods (graduate business statistics basically) in the Fall it was twice a week and I always felt drained (at least mentally) twice a week after the class.  Now I only have one day a week with work then class.

Maybe one day I’ll sign up for one of those six hour Saturday classes, which meet for six weeks only, but I doubt it.  That’s too much for me, not to mention killing Saturdays.

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