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Signs to recognize

You know – when a software company sells you a product, but their website is frustrating, difficult to navigate, and at times impossible to find anything on or use, it should be a sign about the software they are selling.

A certain company, which I will not name but might start with “Sun” and end with “gard” fits that bill. Every piece of their documentation which you DO find, says something to the effect of “For more detailed information about these components, refer to the Overview chapter in Widget Administration Guide 2.5.

Of course – you can never FIND those documents by typing the EXACT NAME in their search engine.  No.  You have to ‘get lucky’.

Its easy if its a document about just “Product A” or “Product B”, but if its about interactions between products A and B it won’t be so easy to find.

Its 2008.  If you can’t get a working search engine (and you’re a multi billion dollar company)…. pony up some money and pay Google.  Please.

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