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Soooo… its been a long time since I’ve put anything on here.  I have no idea whether or not anyone reads it – but even so I’m going to keep going with it for a while.

I just watched some REALLY AMAZING Fencing online (Kudos to NBC for the live streams – great quality too and not even a TINY bit of slowdown).  Early round Women’s Sabre fencing.

First Match (that I watched): Sada Jacobsen (USA, ranked #1, bronze medal winner in 2004 in Athens) against Mailyn Gonzalez Pozo (Cuba).  Sada won 15-11 (and it seemed like it was going to be a wider margin for a bit).  Great match.

Second Match: Mariel Zagunis (USA, ranked #5, gold medal winner in 2004 in Athens, and my personal favorite to win again), against Sandra Sassine of Canada.  Sassine came out very strong getting the first three points (coming off a 23-3 demolition of her previous opponent from South Africa).  It was going to be tough but Mariel made it back at 6-6, then eventually taking a commanding lead winning 15-10.  Mariel got a Yellow Card (a warning penalty) but I’m not sure what for as there was no commentary and the director was speaking french (not the greatest sound for me to make out much more than a few words here and there anyway).

P.S.  If you know me you already know I love Fencing.  I started the New Paltz Fencing Club and ran it while I was an undergrad from 1996-2001.  I’ve always been a fan of fencing and lamented the fact that I haven’t really gotten to see much top level fencing (since it is almost NEVER on TV even when the Olympics are on).  I’m incredibly happy that NBC is showing ALL of it online and getting to see how amazing these athletes are.

Medal matches are in the morning around 7AM.  I actually plan on waking up for it if I can 😉

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