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Watching Zagunis (USA) vs Jozwiak (Poland) in the round of 16 now…

Been pretty back and forth so far.  Mariel just took a 5-4 lead but its been very close.  Its been hard for me to follow to be honest – there has not been the patient back and forth and testing of the opponent before the attack that occured in the previous matches (especially Sada Jacobson’s) tonight.  That could just be because its too fast for me to catch.

Becca Ward (Ranked #2 worldwide) also of the US is fencing now (all three US fencers in the event advanced to the round of 16) but I can only watch the one event at a time unfortunately.

The little French I know is allowing me to understand the director when they sound is good.  I think the piste they are at in this match (Blue) has better sound or the director is speaking clearer.

Mariel wins another one and advances with her teammate Sada Jacobson to the quarterfinals!  Final Score: 15-13 (though that last point needed a video review).

Looks like Becca Ward also won with a big 15-10 win over the Hungarian Orsolya Nagy.

Wish I could have watched all three matches.  Quarter finals coming up (with three americans left – I think the chances of one being matched against another in this round is a distinct possibility).

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