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Fencing – Quarterfinals

If the seeding numbers are correct on NBC’s website, the quarter finals are:

  • Sada Jacobson (USA) vs Olena Khomrova (Ukraine)
  • Becca Ward (USA) vs Azza Besbes (the Tunisian fencer who already upset a couple of higher ranked fencers)
  • Mariel Zagunis (USA) vs Yingying Bao (China)
  • Xue Tan (China – Siver Medalist who beat Jacobson in 2004 in Athens to advance to the gold round but lost to Zagunis) vs Sofiya Velikaya (Russia)

I can only watch one bout so as much as I’m tempted to watch Becca Ward, I’ll stick with Mariel again.

Mariel has an early 5-2 lead – her footwork is much faster than the last bout and I think she is going to walk away with this one!

Just noticed… they’re both lefties as Mariel expands her lead to 9-3 before the first break.

Bah – bad call.  You can’t call that a parry riposte.  There was a parry but the action completely stopped before the attack from Bao.  Oh well – its still 10-4.

Bao just walked into Zagunis’ outstretched blade without parrying.  13-4 now.  Just after that though a very nice riposte from Bao to make it 13-6.

Ended closer than I thought it was going to – 15-9 – but Zagunis still advances to the semi-finals.  Very nice match from Zagunis – if she keeps fencing like that she’s going to get the gold for sure!

Just switched to the Jacobson match in time to see her win 15-11, and Tan (silver medalist from 2004) get upset by Velikaya.

Last match – Becca Ward wins 15-14 over Besbes (which must have been a great match – for Besbes to get so far against Ward shows she must have really been on her game).

Now the Americans are guaranteed at least two medals in Women’s sabre – possibly all three!

Ward vs Zagunis

Jacobson vs Velikaya

Both EARLY (for us here at least) Saturday morning.  Time for me to get some sleep.

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