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Blood donation

So I just got back from the Blood Drive at the VFW in New Paltz.  I did the ‘Double Red-Cell’ donation for the first time in a couple years.  Its… weird… if you’ve never done it before (though even if you have it is a little).  They hook you up to the machine where for five minutes or so they draw blood.  The machine separates your blood and takes just the red blood cells and gives everything else back to you.  Then the process repeats until they get enough (the machine read 360 when I was done – don’t know if that’s mili-liters or something else).

Good thing about it is I don’t have to hear from the New York Blood Center for about four months (since I cannot donate again until mid-September after this).  I think its important to give blood – but the phone calls if you don’t go back immediately after you’re eligible again are annoying.  Every couple years I blow up at them on the phone and tell them to stop calling me or I won’t give anymore.  Unfortunately that only stops them for a year or so.   E-mail is fine – the phone calls are annoying.  I wonder if it makes anyone else annoyed with them enough to stop (another couple participants at the drive commented on the same thing earlier today).

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