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Diana and I went to see The Cranberries in concert at the Nokia Theater in Times Square, New York City on Wednesday.  As sad as it is today, it was my first real concert (as opposed to seeing bands play at a festival or something).  The theater was nicer than I expected.  The front half of the theater was standing only, the back half was seats.  Since neither of us are 20 anymore and wanted to stand for the entire show, we were glad to take aisle seats.

Before The Cranberries played, a singer & guitarist who I had not previously heard of, named Griffin House.  Though I hadn’t heard of of him before, my wife and I both enjoyed his music a lot.  He had one song about his grandfather & WW II which I especially liked.  I’ll have to check out and see if any of his music is available to download from Amazon.

After Griffin House played for half an hour or so, there was an almost half hour break were we just waited.  Diana thought it was so they could sell more drinks & food at the theater – she’s probably right.

And then – the Cranberries came out.  I’ve been a fan of theirs since 1996 back when my Freshman year roommate had their 2nd and 3rd albums.  I have to say it was everything I expected it to be.  Dolores was signing just like back in the old days (though admittedly I hadn’t seen them live before) and she and they all were so energetic (especially Noel Hogan on guitar during solos & Fergal Lawlor on drums).  I ended up with a sore throat since I was signing along with most of the songs.  Thankfully the music was so loud that no one heard me since I’m not very good.  I was surprised that I still knew the words to all the Cranberries songs that they were singing.

My only ‘low point’ if you could call it that is that outside of “Ordinary Day”, I don’t feel the songs from Dolores O’Riordan’s solo albums (Are You Listening & No Baggage) are nearly as good as The Cranberries’ own songs.  I think there were only three of those though.  They weren’t bad – just not as good as The Cranberries’ own stuff.

They did do all my favorites.  “Zombie”, “Promises”, “Linger”, “Dreams”, “Free to Decide”, and many more.  I’m ecstatic that I was able to see it all.  I was disappointed when they went on hiatus which I thought meant they might not get back together again – since I thought I missed my chances to see them.  Thankfully – that wasn’t the case.  All I want now is for them to put out another album.  Maybe after they are done touring next year?

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